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{February 20, 2010}   Kittengirl’s Poster Contest

Hey guys! This is Kit-Kit-Kittengirl! I’m just here to say that I am having a poster contest. Make a picture of your penguin, one of the locations, a tour guide giving a tour, the map, your puffles, etc.  Here are the rules:


Do not copy someone else’s poster if you think theirs’ is nicer thann yours and might win.

Do not search Club Penguin Fan Photos from the CP Communtity, and copy a picture.

You can ask a friend who knows about CP for ideas, but if they entered, don’t steal their idea either.

Don’t copy Lapenguin’s idea! Her’s will be great, but if you think it’s nicer, don’t steal it!

Ideas (A boost for all of you who want to enter but need some ideas)

Your puffles doing tricks

You and your buddy hanging out at your igloo. (If you want, you can insert your name, or anyone who’s in the picture’s name. It will help you get known better.)

Your CP toy

You on a mission

You at a party (visit my friend Straw’s blog and look at the funny pics, they have good party ideas)

You meeting a special penguin (only draw a famous penguin if you really met them, that will make it seem like you got an exclusive poster of you and him/her.)

Where to send your poster (It would help if you drew it on the computer so you won’t have to draw, color and scan it(drawing by hand), then send it in email):

send it to:

I will announce the winners on March 1st, 2010. That should give you some time to draw and send.




Make sure that you send it to my email by the deadline!

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