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{March 26, 2010}   The New Club Penguin Updates

Hey guys! This is Kittengirl, also known as The ClubPenguin girl. Lapenguin and I would like to know if yoooooooouuuuuu, would like to join The Club Penguin Fire Force. That’s right, it’s cp’s newest army of penguins. Once you join, you will need your penguin’s name, your email address (or ur parents, so that we can send u the verification email), and your penguin’s password. (the pas sis so that we can give u the Fire Force 5000 coin check. Lapenguin and I don’t steal penguins, honest.) Now, here are the updates are:

The Penguin Play Awards are finally here! If you are a member, head on backstage, because the famous penguins have ARRIVED!

The new game in the mine, right next to Cart Surfers has arrived too. It is called Puffle Rescue. Members can rescue the Blue, Pink, and Black puffles, while non-members can only rescue the BLACK ONE!!! :D!!!!! JK! The Blue ones can be rescued by non-members.

On April 1st, keep on watch, because the all new, guarenteed to be awesome, April Fools Party will arrive!!! It will be so awesome!!!! I will bet the first person to comment, a free Club Penguin acocunt if I’m wrong about there being a new party item, a hat, a hand item, a foot item, a face item, a body item, etc!

Rockhopper just left the Club Penguin Island, but if you have Penguin Storm, you can transport yourself to the Ship and if your a member, buy the items! It’s a cool little half glitch half purposed thingy there.

Meet Kittengirl herself:

When: Saturday, March 27th.

Time Periods:12:00 to 3:30 P.M Eastern Standard Time

Servers: Mittens, Ascent, Aurora, and Brumby. (I have ppl that will log on each server.

That’s all for now guys, but keep visiting the Kitten & Lapenguin’s Help Blog! Buh bye!

Kittengirl, now heading for the cat house.


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